How our advice has helped

We are proud to have guided hundreds of clients with our strategic and comprehensive financial advice.

Advice with a long-term focus

Client story

I had been with my previous adviser for eight years before I became aware that I wasn’t with the right person. I wasn’t happy with the services I was being offered and there was no real focus on long term strategy. The focus was very much on short term goals. To top everything off, my adviser had unfortunately put me into some disastrous investments at the height of the global financial crisis.

I had heard good things about Priority from others so I decided to meet with them and find out what they could do for me. After asking me a series of detailed questions to identify my current situation and long-term goals, we sat down and looked at a number of different scenarios going forward - right up to age 90. The thing that struck me about their approach was their focus on the long term.

After meeting with the team at Priority, I immediately felt comfortable and confident that my future was safe and secure. It was a wonderful feeling. Since then, every time my wife and I have dealt with the team they have provided outstanding service. We're a client for life. We love dealing with Priority and all the little things they do make such a big difference.

Approaching Retirement

Client story

As I was approaching retirement, I realised that I had a lot of money in super – certainly more than average. I wanted someone who could really take hold of my super and make sure that it was working hard enough. After exploring a number of different service providers I ended up choosing a major private bank. They promised me everything but three years later I came to the conclusion that they didn’t have a clue. The investment advice provided by the private bank was extremely unsound. I ended up with all kinds of investments that were totally inappropriate for a super fund.

So I approached Priority and explained my situation to them. The team at Priority quickly demonstrated that they had far more expertise than the private bank, which gave me an immediate sense of comfort. After talking me through a number of different options, Priority created a new structure for my super that improved the financial outcomes for not only my retirement, but also my estate. They then helped me through the hard, difficult transition from the private bank to the new structure. I am very confident that the team at Priority will take good care of my super and my family.