Services for SMEs

It’s taken courage, vision and determination to grow your business. You’ve created something you can take pride in but the hard work isn’t over yet. Chances are your success still relies on the day-to-day involvement of you and your partners.

As a business owner, dealing with the unexpected won’t be new to you. But when you’re busy running things, preparing for unforeseen changes may be hard to make time for.

At Priority, we’re experts in supporting SME business owners with planning for success, no matter what the future holds. We’ll work to protect the interests of each partner by offering smart solutions for insurance, succession planning and risk management. You’ll be free to focus on creating value in your business and enjoying the benefits it brings, knowing the right foundations are in place.

Why partner with Priority?

Bespoke service

When you choose Priority you’ll be partnered your own dedicated advisor who’ll deliver you carefully tailored advice and strategies.


We work with a lot of people just like you so we understand your needs and the complexities that can come with managing your finances.


Access the expertise of our whole team representing 250 years of combined experience in financial planning, accounting, banking and financial markets.


Choose how you work with us. Whether you want a sounding board to test ideas or a partner who will implement your whole financial plan.

Protect your legacy

Working with Priority, you can enjoy a more secure future in business knowing you’re protected from major events. We can also help you with your own finances and assets, so you can truly get on with enjoying your success and looking to the future with confidence.

Using a strategy based on your personal situation, goals and values, we’ll work with you to grow your wealth and plan for the financial wellbeing of you and your family.

We can take care of the details - with tax efficient approaches to investment, estate planning and philanthropy - so you can focus on how you want to support your family and be remembered for your contribution.