Your future. Our priority.

Welcome to Priority Advisory Group, a financial advisory group located on Sydney’s north shore.

At Priority, we believe partnerships are the hallmark of great financial advice. We take the time to really understand our clients so that we can provide personalised advice that’s tailored to their individual needs and goals. We then work alongside our clients to keep them accountable to their goals and help them achieve their desired outcomes.


Advice for complex needs

With more than 30 years of experience in private wealth advice, we know how to manage even the most complex financial affairs.

How our advice has helped

We are proud to have partnered with hundreds of clients and set them on the right path.

Have a

Learn more about us by reading answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Who we help


Helping successful professionals make the most of their growing wealth with expert advice and efficient execution.

Services for Intergenerational Wealth

Supporting families with intergenerational wealth make intelligent financial decisions that will benefit them today and for years to come.


Guiding SME business partners on how to protect their success and plan for a more certain future.