Giving back to the community

We provide time, effort and direction to a number of individuals, community groups and charities as part of our values and commitment to making a positive impact to the lives of others.

This includes our strategic partnership with Feel the Magic – an Australian charity that supports children experiencing grief. Feel the Magic seeks to create a world where grieving children are supported to reach their full potential. This is achieved through Camp Magic – the country’s leading grief education and support program, which provides grieving children with a safe place to grow.

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In addition to supporting Feel the Magic, other charities and community organisations we work with include:

NSW Friendship Circle

NSW Friendship circle strives to shape a world in which people with special needs and their families experience acceptance, inclusion and friendship as contributing members of society. To meet the social and emotional needs of children with special needs. To ease the isolation often felt in families with children with special needs. To engage teens in the lives of young people with special needs. To create meaningful opportunities for young people with and without disability to be a part of and lead their communities.

Rotary Chatswood

Rotarians are business and professional people who donate their time, skills and experience to make a difference in their communities. The Rotary Club of Chatswood plays an important humanitarian role in the global community to promote peace, to fight disease, to provide clean water, to enhance maternal health, to promote education and to grow local economies. To learn more about what Rotary does please visit or

Hands Across the Water

Hands Across the Water is an Australian charity that gives at risk Thai children and their communities a helping hand.  All programs are tailored to meet the long-term needs of these children and their local communities. To read more please visit

The Fortnum Foundation

The Fortnum Foundation was established in 2011 to formalise the goodwill that already existed amongst Fortnum Financial Advisers. The purpose of the Fortnum Foundation is two-fold. Firstly, it aims to provide funds that may benefit children anywhere, and secondly, it unites Fortnum Financial Advisers within a giving environment. To read more please visit

The Growth Project

The Growth Project is a non-profit organisation that supports small, successful non-profit organisations to maximise their impact on the world. It achieves this by offering development programs for non-profit leaders that help grow their knowledge, skills and leadership potential. Central to The Growth Project is the concept of engaged giving where supporters of the program share their time, knowledge and resources to help develop the future leaders of Australia’s non-profit sector.

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