Services for Intergenerational Wealth

Having wealth brings opportunity, it can also bring challenges. When you’re making decisions about intergenerational family wealth, it can be tricky to navigate all the options. Whether it be investing for growth, spending to achieve your goals or protecting you from the unexpected, there’s a lot to consider.

Sometimes it can help to share the responsibility with a trusted partner who offers significant experience in the complex issues and decisions that come with intergenerational wealth.

At Priority, this is exactly what we provide. Your financial circumstances are as unique as your family and it’s our aim to understand the details of your situation, your immediate needs and plans for the future. With these insights, we’ll create a strategy for managing your wealth and guiding your family towards wise choices, less risk and better opportunities.

Why partner with Priority?

Bespoke service

When you choose Priority you’ll be partnered your own dedicated advisor who’ll deliver you carefully tailored advice and strategies.


We work with a lot of people just like you so we understand your needs and the complexities that can come with managing your finances.


Access the expertise of our whole team representing 250 years of combined experience in financial planning, accounting, banking and financial markets.


Choose how you work with us. Whether you want a sounding board to test ideas or a partner who will implement your whole financial plan.

Protect your legacy

The choices you make today shape the future. Having worked with many families managing wealth, our team understands the importance of turning prosperity into a foundation for a secure and happy family in years to come.

We can support younger family members, offering advice on their own lifestyle goals such buying a home, providing for children and building a business or career. And when the time comes for the next generation to play a role in managing family finances, we’ll work with you to pass on an astute and considerate approach to the responsibilities of wealth.

Looking further into the future, we support you to secure a long-term legacy where your family and contribution is remembered. With expertise in estate planning and philanthropy, Priority can help you prepare for a fair and tax-efficient transfer of wealth as well as a meaningful legacy.